Road Trippin’ To The Moon!

So you’ve made the call to come out and join us for a stay at the August Moon Caravan Park. That is awesome, we are sure you will have a great time during your stay! Let’s face it, the trip to any holiday destination can make or break your first couple of days. We’ve decided to pull together a list of some of the best “road trip songs” that will make your trip fun! Whilst listening to our local radio may be fun for a little while, you’re best to come equipped with some tunes.

We’re sure we will miss some favourites on the list!

  • Cake – The Distance. Who doesn’t love this signature horns?
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. Who’s going to argue with the boss?
  • Little Red Corvette by Prince. Yep, it’s got nothing to do with cars, but it’s a hard song to miss on any list!
  • Where The Streets Have No Name by U2. An absolute classic, but one sure to drive you crazy if you are genuinely lost!
  • Take It Easy by The Eagles. A sweet ode to the romance of the road.
  • Love Shack By The B52s. Can you find a better song to sing along to? We doubt it!
  • California by Phanton Planet. One off many lists, but 2002 song simply belongs.
  • The Way by Fastball. Yes, we admit the song has a dark undercurrent, but the song oozes feel-good, sing-along optimism.
  • Life Is A Highway by Tom Petty. We know we want to ride it with those heavy-handed metaphors.
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Yes, it is more than the theme to Glee. When it comes on in the car, you try and resist singing to this. You can’t. Resistance is futile.
  • Everyday Is A Winding Road by Sheryl Crow. When Sheryl tells that she’s moving a little closer to feeling fine during the chorus, she speaks for all of us.
  • Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is one of the best crank-up-the-dial-tunes off the Californication album.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and again we wish you a wonderful time during your stay with us. Be sure to check out of the local attractions like the Moon Duck Park, the botanical gardens, and don’t miss on the delights at Joe’s Diner or the local August Moon chinese!



The Latest and Greatest Camping Product Inventions

Even though camping has been a treasured past-time for families for several decades, you’d think that there wouldn’t be any new products available in the market to enhance your experience. You couldn’t be more wrong!

The ideas are coming thick and fast. Times are good for inventors. If someone has an idea that they want to bring to market, all they need to do is start a Kickstarter campaign, or better still find a business partner on a TV show like Shark Tank, and all of sudden they’ve literally got an internationally known business overnight.

Some of our favourite inventions that have been released in the past several months include the 30 day lantern,  the solar camp shower, and the Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad.

30 Day Lantern

This highly practical lantern provides up to 30 days of reliable light from only one single set of batteries which makes it ideal for extended stays in the outback. It’s perfect for tent camping, and you only need 3 ‘D’ batteries to make it run and you are good to go!

The Solar Camp Shower

How horrid are cold showers when you are camping. Terrible! This ingenious device provides great value for money, is made from durable PVC materials and will be great for showers, and also cleaning your muddy hands and feet. Designed for maximum portability, it includes a separate fill cap, on/off valve and a hanging/carrying handle. Why didn’t someone think of this one earlier?

Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad

The simple comforts are often the best. Removing restless nights from your time getting back to nature is a dream come true for most campers. You probably won’t miss your warm bed at home! The pad keeps you comfortable whilst you sleep, with adjustable firmness. It is very simple to set up, with a quick-filling, self-inflating foam.

You’d be worried that this couldn’t handle the rigours of the ground underneath you? You couldn’t be more wrong, with the manufacturer ensuring that it is durable enough for the worst environmental conditions you could experience.

Semi-Truck Financing

We know that many of our members use a semi-truck to tow their awesome vans. This article covers the basics when it comes to truck finance.

The current condition of the economy has made it difficult for people to get commercial trucking financing and even more difficult for individuals with bad credit. So, what do you do if you’re a semi truck driver seeking for commercial truck financing? Enumerated below are some alternatives that may help with your commercial truck financing, primarily dump trucks and semi trucks.

For starters, you should consider looking up smaller dealers that offer in-house financing for trucking businesses or private owners. This type of dealers carry their own papers, which means that they can decide whether they want to grant the loan themselves. Usually, the dealers submit will submit your loan request to their financing source who in turn approves or declines them. Make sure to ask any dealer you’re working with whether they submit to an outside underwriter or fund in-house. If they tell you they fund themselves, then let them know about your credit situation. Some of the reasons for bad credit are illness, divorce, loss of truck, etc. These reasons are normal and don’t necessarily portray you as a bad credit character. If you have strong contacts in your field, then let your dealer know. Dealers will fund you if they become somewhat comfortable that you will meet up with your payments regardless of what happened in the past.

Another option for you if you have bad credit is to look for dealers that specialize on commercial truck financing for individuals with bad credit. These dealers can be found online. Here’s the strategy to use when using this option; call the prospective dealer’s office and ask to speak to a sales manager and then explain about your credit situation to him/her. A finance or sales manager will be able to determine whether you’re qualified for financing with them rather than the ordinary sales person.

The third alternative if the above two doesn’t work in your favour is to get in touch with independent financing companies to ascertain whether you’re fit for a loan. Remember to be upfront about your credit situation and offer your best-selling points. Just like the smaller dealers, independent financing companies can be swayed in your favour if you’ve strong selling points because they make the decision themselves. Financing companies will look at your ability to pay off the loan with the accrued interests, as well as your collateral if you may have. This two information can help them get around any bad credit situation. Some companies will look at the number of years you’ve been in business or whether you have any upcoming contracts before they decide.

This may be one of the tough times to get the commercial truck financing you need. However, with the right research and a little extra effort on your side, you can find something that will help you get that truck.

Take it from us, one of the best in the business when it comes to truck finance is rob sinclair equipment, check out their website and we can guarantee they will look after you for your truck finance needs.

What You Can Do To Improve Your Trailer Towing

Towing a trailer or a caravan is quite a task. It certainly isn’t easy and it can often be a very stressful thing to do if you’re pulling a vehicle on a busy road! Having the knowledge and experience to the job correctly is therefore essential. You do not want to get stuck in the situation and not have the necessary skills to get out of it. So, being prepared is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Training and practice are important elements. With rising prices for caravan holidays, the need for a trailer school capable of providing courses to suit different driving abilities and budgets is becoming more and more frequent. august-moon-image-1

Understanding your surroundings and the weight of your vehicle will allow you make the appropriate moves! In the right driving school, you will receive plenty of great experience and this stems from having a tutor dedicated to guiding you in accordance with your vehicle as well as other standard size vehicles as well.

Hopefully after being professionally taught by a trainer, you will know exactly what weight your vehicle can handle. Therefore, you’ll know how much to attach and what you’re legally allowed to do when towing vehicles on during motorways!

All of this is being done so you’ll have the necessary skills to obtain you licence. Ultimately, being able to tow properly is a worthwhile skill that can enhance your driving abilities

You will have learned all the necessary skills to pass your test and gain your licence. Being able to tow properly is a skill and it can give you the edge if you are hoping for a driver in a work situation!

Research these driving schools and you won’t be disappointed! They are located all around the world and have instructors ready to train you for any situation you might be faced with when towing a trailer or caravan!



Here’s What To Do When Choosing A Caravan Park Or Another Alternative

Have a really good think about what your surroundings will be like is a good place to start. When you visit a caravan park, you want to be surrounded by fun, polite and positive people. It can make your space much more enjoyable!

Tailor your search to your individual, or familial needs. You may have certain preferences or needs for space and comfort that you can look for! On the other hand – you may have children! In this case, research will be key. Keeping your children comfortable in a caravan park will be extremely important moving forward!


Location is fairly important as you would generally want to be near the best destinations – things like shops, food places and beaches! Additionally, if you choose a good location it should provide even more than that. It should give you enough privacy to be comfortable in your living space!

Look for good areas! It’s not always going to be perfect but you can have comfort and all the other things you want regardless! In terms of finding these locations? Online is good place! Check for reviews, websites devoted to caravan parks, and simple things like word-of-mouth can also be very useful in your search. august-moon-image-2

Prices are dependent on seasons across Australia and this is something to consider if price is important to you. There is usually a site fee of $10 per night for a basic park in a non-tourist area. Near popular destinations and during summer, this figure could range from $40-50. It just depends on location and season so be sure to plan for these things and look for discounts!

There are three major chains for Australian Caravan Parks – BIG4, Family Parks of Australia and Top Tourist. They are the go-to places for anyone on the lookout for a caravan park!

Recently, concerns for security has seen less roadside campers and bush camping has continued to decrease. Nonetheless, many still enjoy the practice! There are a number of advertised 24-hour camping spots around Australia but make sure to avoid camping alone if possible.

Ultimately, make sure you research. From booking and pricing, to destination. Lay the ground work so you are given the best chance of enjoying the experience! Be comfortable in the environment you go with and have fun.


Here Are The Car Insurance Rules For Towing A Caravan

Try to understand the car insurance rules when towing a caravan is involved because there are a couple of issues that need to be thought about!

When you’re applying for insurance cover you need to consider the modifications and these will always need to be declared. In addition, you need to be wary of the insurance policies and you should determine whether your cover imposes any size or weight restriction.

You should also check your licence because the law was changed in 1997 and again in January 2013. You should also remember that your car insurance doesn’t cover any damage to or theft from your caravan! So be very careful as it’ll only cover third party claims in the event of an accident.

Caravans are a handy commodity and need to be looking into when insurance is involved but housing is also important when this category is being discussed. These are investments you need to carefully consider. Housing is therefore vital. august-moon-image-5

Nevertheless, both are liveable situations to be in but which you’d rather be in may depend on a range of factors such as comfort, space and price. But insurance is also one of the key concerns!

There are special types of let property insurance designed for landlords and these cover three main areas, two of them similar to those for owner-occupied properties. They are Landlords building, Landlords Contents and Landlords Liability insurances.

In comparison, insurance cover for any mishaps while towing a truck will be uncovered unless these rules are followed. There are plenty of rules and regulations you must consider – it is not a simple task if you fail to know the rules! But if you do know them, you’ll be put into good stead moving forward! The contrast and example of housing shows just how much goes into towing a truck especially when you can live in one.

Have your insurance sorted but need a loan to get set-up with your new Caravan? There are a number of different loan options available, but if you are retired and no longer have an income often an unsecured business loan is the best option. Check out the guys at we have no doubt they can help!

Choosing Your Ideal Caravan Park

Fortunately, with modern technology we have seen the rise of the caravan and a real ‘home away from home’ feel. There are so many new features and things that can be added/customised to your caravan. Versatility has certainly taken over. These things need to be considered when looking for the ideal spot to stay! Family, comfort and distance to travel are all very important things to plan for. So how do you go about finding the perfect destination?

A good place to start if you want to have plenty of fun and need to accommodate for your children – possibly – is to stay by the coast! Those areas are great for caravan parking and will have wonderful beaches for your family during the summer! It doesn’t have to be your family, it can be you by yourself or with a partner/friend, but this option is still very solid.

No matter what there is to see and do outside the caravan park, the facilities provided on site are also vital to a successful trip! Modern day facilities have changed things in recent times. Outdoor pools, club houses and an array of entertainment areas are all available for you to keep you and your family busy. In today’s day and age, internet is very important and most caravan parks will provide Wi-Fi.

Now that this has been covered, you need to weigh up what’s important to you in a caravan park. Consider the above and get online to do some research and planning! The internet is definitely your friend in this instance. There are plenty of major caravan websites at the tip of your fingers. You can post online, check for reviews, ask friends, or just check social media to find the best possible places to suit your caravan needs! august-moon-image-3

For all of you who aren’t tech-savvy or if you haven’t found what you’re looking for online – try using the phone book. Yes, you read that correctly! It can be a direct and easy way to get local tourist information. It can help you determine the best parks in the area you’re planning to stay at. At the least, you will be given some brochures to help you make an informed decision! There may other material or content, but sometimes asking friends or family about their experiences (if any) can be beneficial. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation when trying to choose the best park for your holiday!

Once you have made the choice, you will be guaranteeing both yourself and your loved ones a fabulous stay!!



Advice For Towing A Caravan

The importance of towing a caravan is not really known. It is considerably important especially if your family holidays involve some form of camping. It can be very expensive to hire help so why not know how to do it for yourself? Self-sufficiency in this area can save you plenty of money. It is not identical to driving a car! Towing a caravan is something you need to be able to adequately do and it’ll take time to get used to hauling it!

So before we jump into this article we are assuming you have already gone out and grabbed yourself a caravan and a truck to tow it with. If you are still in the market for a truck head over to Truck Dealers Australia, they have a huge range of trucks for sale and really are the professionals when it comes to truck sales.

Well, you now have the van and truck sorted, let’s jump in with some basic rules to consider.


  1. You need to be allowed by law to carry the weight of the caravan! Your dealer will need to make sure everything is safe before he can do anything other than advise you about this. This is a genuine safety issue but most caravans shouldn’t have any major problems in this area.
  2. Even out your caravan in relation to the items within it! You don’t want too many things weighing down certain areas of the truck as it can make towing much more difficult.
  3. It is important to ensure that it is in good working condition. It is an absolute nightmare to get towed away by the breakdown when you are carrying a caravan as well so make sure to cover this base!
  4. Make sure you have a good braking system. Caravans weigh a lot as it is, then add people, items they’ve brought, and the caravan’s appliances. It is a lot –
  5. Ensure you have a spare tyre for the caravan just in case of an emergency. It can never hurt to be prepared.
  6. Take care driving down hills, the caravan could have a tendency to sway, and the best approach is not to brake, but speed up just a little to drive out of the sway. Then remember to slow down!
  7. At no stage should you allow passengers in the caravan when it’s being towed. It could be a very dangerous situation if you choose to do so.
  8. Check the speed limits, they differ when towing and don’t hesitate to drive at a slow speed! You’re ultimately driving a very big vehicle and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This only a small guide to how you could do things! It is not exact or purely what you should follow. If you are unsure or nervous about towing a caravan, you can go on advanced driving courses where an instructor will teach you properly how to connect the caravan and how to tow it properly.